With extensive experience in the INFORMATION SYSTEMS industry, Greg has found one important necessities is system mobility.  A company must be able to adapt legacy, along with new applications, quickly to opening markets, new endeavors and changing needs to be successful in the business utilization of this new age of information technologies.   With this belief, he founded KTA Corporation in 1997 to achieve these goals for companies in all sectors.

 Greg is a talented professional with extensive experience in software, hardware, design, networks, telecommunications and management services. He is recognized for his expertise in translating strategy into realistic plans for implementation to benefit the client in a way that is cost effective with improved productivity.  He will analyze existing processes to determine the appropriate needs and ensure all business requirements are achieved.  He will maximize the use of resources and personnel manpower to ensure appropriate scheduling and delivery success.  He will furnish critical market analysis and product direction, guide the creation of complete and understandable requirements, functional and/or technical designs, and utilize his vast experience to create complete, efficient & reliable program code.  He is a skillful communicator capable of influencing others across an organization, which allows negotiations that create win-win results.

 Throughout his successful career Greg has gained proficiency and in-depth knowledge in Banking, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing and Medical business environments.  His has held various positions within successful companies including; President, CEO, Asst Vice-President, Product Manager, Director of Technical Services, Programming Manager, Systems & Telecommunications Officer.

 Greg has experience in MVS, CICS, TSO, ISPF, VSE, AS/400, Palm OS, Windows and Unix platforms.  His programming knowledge includes Cobol, Easytrieve, C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, IBM Assembler, ALC Macros, REXX, AS400/OCL, RPG I-IV ILE, and SQL to craft the necessary solutions.  He has worked in environments that involve DB2, UDB, VSAM, MS Access, Synon/Cool, AS400, Oracle, HTML, ODBC, Micro-Focus WB, Fujitsu WB, Palm OS/DB, Scripting Tools, Office Tools, IMS, Crystal Reports, IBM CICS, Unix Scripting Tools and MS Office.