Consulting Services

Consulting services for mainframe and PC environments. 

Key Benefits

  • Short term commitment for client personnel

  • Established knowledge base

  • New technology information


KTA has over 100 years of employee consolidated experience in IT services to offer in a broad base of industries.  KTA personnel have experience in desktop configuration, networking, Client-Server, Win/NT, inter-system connectivity, AS/400 and MVS or VSE mainframe configuration.  Along with re-hosting your application, KTA personnel are able to assist you with interfaces to any existing application platforms for a total system integration.


Industry knowledge includes all lines of Insurance for both life and P&C, Banking, Finance and Accounting, Construction, Real Estate, Inventory Control and distribution, and Product Manufacturing.

Programming Languages

Proficient languages are C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Cobol (Fujitsu, MicroFocus, IBM), Mainframe Assembler (ASM and Macro), CICS (Command level and Macro level for Assembler and Cobol), Easytrieve, Crystal Reporting, AutoCAD.

Operating Platforms

Platform knowledge includes Win/NT, Win/9x, Unix, AS/400 and Mainframe Operating systems (VSE and MVS).

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