Conversion Services

KTA has developed tools and expertise for the following source conversion facilities.  Conceptual transition of existing mainframe environments vs. emulation of a mainframe environment provides for a greater utilization of the workstation, opening up a broad range of plug-in services that may not be available otherwise.

  RPG to Cobol

Conceptual source transition of RPG programming to structured Cobol

  Mainframe Assembler to C++

Convert mainframe Assembler and Assembler Macro programs to C++

  Easytrieve to Cobol/85

Transition of EasyTrieve programs to Cobol/85 for Micro Focus, Fujitsu, or IBM mainframe (Click for Sample conversion Setup)

  Cobol to Cobol

Converts all Cobol structures to structured Cobol/85 standards

  CICS Command Level to Windows

Move Command or Macro level  CICS to native Win/NT